It's an unfortunate part of a growing network that issues arise. Here is the list of people who have conducted themselves poorly either as a guest or host. This can be used for consideration about whether you want to guest/host with said people. Information about the event will be provided but privacy will be maintained for all parties. People will only end up on this list for actually bad behavior such as a no show/no contact, stealing, perversion, harassment, or any kind of bigotry. No one will be put on this list because of a personal bias or without substantial proof.

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If you think you're on here and shouldn't be, please contact Zee Traveler via the Contact page.

Do NOT seek to harass people from this list lest your own name end up on it.

The Strike List

The Quick Reference List

NCNS (No Call, No Show) List

The Long List and Why

- Eric Reyes
- Nicole Pepaj (Hellene)
- Patrick Lambke
​- Cheryl Ann Tarzia Burrage
​- Dottie Taylor and Billy Pumphrey
- Dave Patten
​- Lindsey or Linday Jonsey and one female companion
- Chris Hopper
- Phone # 1-417-xxx-3456
- Barry Bonning
​- Mick Moores
- Blythe AB (Green)

Date: September 24th, 2020
Complainant: Management team.
Offender: Eric Reyes
Offense: Poor behavior online.
Story: Eric was directly rude towards the admin team of the group and acted entitled about hosts who didn't respond to his requests to stay.
Contact: Zee Traveler contacted him on the date to inform him that he is banned from the group.


Date: October 8th, 2020
Complaint: Two riders abusing the generosity of the hosts, over consuming food/liquor, complaining about being told to leave, overstaying their welcome.
Complainant: 3 hosts in Florida.
Offender 1: Patrick Lambke, Patrick Lambeto
Phone number ending in: 4453
Offender 2: Nikki, Nicole Pepaj, Nicole Hellene Pepaj
Profile 1:
Motorcycle plate numbers: Colorado TXQ-377 and California 22H9253
Contact: Zee Traveler messaged both parties to notify them that they are not welcome in the community and a mass email has been sent.

Comment 1:
“I was contacted on the same day about hosting them back in September… That didn’t pan out for me but they came the following evening I offered to host them for a day which turned into three days… I fed them the first evening a pretty good meal ....That I went out and purchased before their arrival because I was working late that evening…and some beer....(several). I was informed that they were basically in Florida because they came down here to see Patrick’s grandbaby that was just born and they got in an accident with his truck which was totaled and up at his sons up in North Florida and he was trying to make some extra cash in order to fix his truck so they could return back home he I believe is from Colorado she is from California… By way of New York. He said that he had been through some rough times I belie...had a dui in Colorado, was a Navy veteran, And also was an actor and was the black knight who was involved in jousting… That was confirmed with videos etc. on YouTube. Since he was homeless and said he didn’t know where he was going or what he had going on… I gave him a contact number for a friend of mine who helps homeless veterans but it’s in the next county and I told him to please get in touch with him that he will help him get an apartment and get situated and get settled as he does with veterans every day. I fed them breakfast that Monday morning because I had to leave for work and they had left… That’s the last I had seen from them I’ve gotten a text periodically here or there including one last week asking if they could come back and stay here again… And they also left a blanket here which is in a plastic bag out by the driveway waiting for them to come pick it up but he said he was going to but they never did. Fast forward to yesterday I get a text message from another member down south of me asking me if I hosted them and what was my experience because she had noted other people had hosted them on the site and had gotten bad vibes basically they eat a lot drank all their liquor etc. She also told me that they were gypsies and that’s what they told the other person as well as her.Evidently these other people put them up for a week each time from what I’ve been told...And she asked me to please turn in my experience with them to the administrator. I’ve hosted another person before for a few days with no issues.”

Comment 2:
“The are friendly and helpful when they arrive. I am sure they were more careful due to my posing of their picture on BaB. Patrick commented on it. They were happy to feel as if they had found a place to stay for awhile. Patrick commented on how I don’t eat much meat,I interpreted that as he wanted a meal with meat. After a week I asked him to leave and he knew it was time to go.they packed and were walking out and Nikki was loudly saying , why doesn’t she check you on face book, you haven’t doe anything wrong. Then they exchanged some words at the door and again Nikki said, well what about that six months in jail you did. Patrick apologized for Nikki’s continued load arguing as they were packin the bikes to leave. So my feeling about them is the are abusing a very good thing and are leaving a bad impression with the hosts.
Their game is to find someone who needs work around the house , they offer to work so they can stay an extended time.”


Date: Backdated August 2019
Complainant: Two hosts from Wyoming.
Offender: Cheryl Ann Tarzia Burrage
Offense: Asking for help, canceling, being a no-show.
Bike: Maroon Harley Davidson License plate #1886LM
Contact: No contact has been made at this time besides 2 complaints noted and 1 host who removed themselves from the network. A strike will be issued but no other actions will be taken.


Date of incident: March 25th-29th, 2021
Complainant: Amanda T. (Host)
Offenders: Dottie Taylor and Billy Pumphrey
Billy’s phone number ends in: 7618
Billy’s Facebook:
Dottie Facebook:

Complaint: Arrived for a one night stay that turned into 4 nights. Excessive drinking happened that started full yelling and screaming matches in the basement apartment, scaring and waking up children in house. Demanding food, refusing to feed themselves and complaining that the food provided wasn’t good enough. Inappropriate sexual conversations and dirty jokes. Stole tools.

Conclusion: Banned from network for abusing the community.

Contact: June 3rd, 2021, Zee Traveler messaged both offenders to make them aware of banning from the network. All hosts will receive a mass email with information also.


Date: July 3rd, 2021
Complainant: Bunk-a-Biker/Zee Traveler
Offender: Dave Patten
Phone number: 507-xxx-5145
Offense: Maliciously editing host pins on the map.
Statement: I had an incident with Dave Patten last night that involved him ranting about the CIA/FBI, maliciously changing the details on a host’s pin because they didn’t respond, and ranting to a potential host about “security issues that Zee doesn’t care about.” He has been banned from the network and hosts are highly advised not to bunk him. Also, because he went to change a pin’s details, I had to lock down the map for awhile. If you’re unable to update your pin, he would be the reason why. I did find and fix the pin he edited.

Additional details: Is not likely to use his name when texting. Travels with a dog named “Chilly Dog”.
Contact: July 31st, 2021, Dave was notified that he was banned from the network for editing pins that were not of his own.


Date of incident: Aug 6, 2021
Complainant: Kaci B.
Offenders: Lindsey or Linday Jonsey and one female companion.
Phone number: 225-xxx-3378
Location of event: Iowa, USA.
Complaint: Offenders called the complainant needing a last minute bunk and omitted during conversation that they weren’t on motorcycles but in an utility truck. Offenders brought 2 dogs, one of which got loose at 11pm that caused a multi-hour issue. Offenders slept well passed what time they originally stated that they would leave (7am), did not ask for permission for extending the stay (they stated to the complainant in text that they were going to sleep in), and had to be asked to leave at 10am so the complainant could go about her day. Offenders refused to allow photos to be taken of them. Offenders also mentioned that they’ve used the network multiple other times so please reach out if you have other information about them. Conclusion: Banned from network for not using it while riding a motorcycle and for being troublesome guests. August 6, 2021: Zee called “Lindsay” and asked to speak with her on a serious matter. “Lindsay” was not available and said she would call that evening. August 8, 2021: Zee sent a text to “Lindsay” and notified she was banned after she didn’t return the phone call.


Date of incident: October 11, 2021
Complainant: Cindy C.
Offender: Chris Hopper
Offense: Violating personal boundaries, unwanted touching.
Location of event: Michigan
FB profile:
Conclusion: Banned from the network.
Contact: Zee Traveler informed Mr. Hopper that he was banned on October 13, 2021.
Story: Zee contacted Chris hopper on October 13th, 2021 as soon as the complainant came forward. Mr. Hopper was informed that violating someone's boundaries and not respecting "no" was an instant ban from the network. There was no denial of the event or of the screenshots provided, just a push to "let it die and that will be that."
Statement: "The first night he was a complete gentleman and great person to host- the second night he was quite pushing wanting to fool around- nice about it but didn’t want to take no for an answer- grabbing my arm and trying to get me to go in his room."

"Yes that’s him- I rode with him several hours til we crossed over the Mackinaw Bridge then I came back- told him he was welcome to stay another night- he said he was sore from Hocking that day- do I give massages- I said yes if it’s ok with your wife but no “ happy ending”. Rubbed aspircream on his back and said good night he hopped up and said weight let me give you a massage. I said no and was walking away. He grabbed my hand and said please let me rub you now- he kept gently pulling my hand- I gave in and said fine just my neck- which led to him rubbing under my shirt- undoing bra- then he moved to my boob- I jumped up and said good night. He wanted be to lay back on my back. I said no. Kept trying to get out of there. He kept following- at my bedroom door I said NO you’re married and shut the door and locked it- I thought he might apologize but he didn’t. Here are some texts- I am fine with remaining a “friend” but won’t let him stay here again."


Date: May 2nd, 2022
Complainant: Charles S.
Offender: Name unknown at this time
Phone number: 1-417-xxx-3456
Offense: Verbally berating a host for not responding.
Statement: Offender sent "Why not just take your offer off the Bunkabiker page because you have no intention of helping anyone you fucking flake!" to the host Charles S.
Contact: Zee contacted the offender on 5-2-2022 via text. Offender became irate and was caught in multiple lies during the conversation. They were banned from the network. Charles S. wanted to be removed from the network because of the incident.


Date: July 13th, 2022
Complainant: An anonymous host and Bunk-a-Biker
Offender: Barry Bonning
FB Link:
Offense: Being asked to leave a host’s house, harassing letters, threatening to sue the host for defamation.
Statement: This has been redacted due to threat of lawsuit. We recommend having no contact with the offender.
Contact: Zee sent a message to Barry via FB Messenger on July 13th, 2022 and told him that he is irrevocably banned.


Date: Sept 30th, 2022
Complainant: Zee Traveler
Offender(s): Mick Moores (guest) and Blythe AB (Green) (host)
Mick’s Facebook:
Bylthe's Facebook:
Offense: Mick Moores (guest) and Blythe AB (Green) (host) have been removed from the groups. They both reported each other for inappropriate behavior and provided partial screenshots of their conversation that showed themselves as the victim. There was certainly fraternization going on by what I could gather from both of them. There was a picture of Mick Moores naked from the waist up in the screenshots.
Statement: Both parties denied fraternizing.
Contact: Zee contacted both parties to inform them that they were banned on said date.



2020-5-30: Don Doughty
2020-7-5: "Skrumpy Ones", # ending in 5659
2022-7-5: "Gilbert", 1-661-xxx-0473

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