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Purpose Statement

Bunk-a-Biker is a worldwide community of motorcycle riders who voluntarily provide accommodations to traveling bikers. It’s a self-moderated network to be utilized along the road for meeting new friends, making road family, and getting support for maintenance needs. While it is a privilege to use, it’s not rightfully designed to be used purely for the sake of saving money but instead to promote the togetherness and support of a motorcycle-enthusiast community.


Bunk-a-Biker was started on Facebook but has branched onto Instagram, the general web, MeWe, and we have our own social media site, the You can follow the Facebook page or Instagram with the below buttons, or join one of the Facebook groups listed.

While you do not need social media to use the network, there is many benefits to joining the Facebook groups. You can find posts about guests/hosts, check out someone's profile before socializing with them, and connect with other members of the network easier.

Links to each Facebook group:
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JUST FOR HOSTS: Bunk-a-Biker Hosts Only

Bunk-a-Biker is a FREE service for the members to use but it is not free to run and requires full time attention from the CEO.
Please consider joining our Patreon for a couple bucks a month or use the other methods listed below to ensure BaB can continue growing and thriving.
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