While Bunk-a-Biker is in 50+ countries, there are some Facebook groups and other websites you can look at for someone to host you on your travels. We know of these communities but are unaffiliated:

Other Motorcycle Hosting Networks

Romania-based "Cazare gratuită pentru motociclisti free accommodation for bikers", by Cezar Cojocariu:

Germany-based "Free beds for Biker", by Conny Reischl:

World wide, "ADVRider TentSpace" of ADVRider by Chris MacAskill:

Motorcycle Times Magazine: FAST. EASY. INFORMED. Get the latest scoop on all motorcycle news with Motorcycle Times.
Motorcycle Times supports Bunk-a-Biker with a permanent blog on their website and we are happy to promote them on our website as well.
Our spot on Motorcycle Times: https://www.motorcycletimes.com/2021/09/10/bunk-a-biker-do-you-know-what-it-is/

The Wild Atlantic Way for bikers group is for adventurers who have or are planning to explore the breathtakingly beautiful Wild Atlantic coastline of Ireland. A place to share your stories, pictures and videos from your escapades. Give some advice to others or ask any questions you might have around planning a trip.
Visit our Website: https://www.waw4bikers.com/
#wildatlanticwayforbikers #waw4bikers

Throttle Gals Magazine is ran by Doni and Trish and they strive to inspire women to learn how to work on their own machines and live their dreams. We are very happy that this wonderful organization supports Bunk-a-Biker through paid advertising! https://throttlegals.com/

Bunk-a-Biker Friends

Bunk-a-Biker is dedicated to collaborating with like-minded communities in the motorcycle industry to uplift the entire sector. Join us as we promote and support our friends in this dynamic network.

You can check out these videos, blogs, articles, and podcasts made by our amazing BaB community members below! None of these have paid to be here, this is simply our way of saying "thanks!" for sharing BaB through their content. (Click on the logos to go to these podcasts and YouTube channels!)

Are you interested in hearing what people who've experienced Bunk-a-Biker have to say?

From Kris Fant of Women ADVRiders:

From Mark McGhee of Motorcycle Times:

From Brittany Morrow for Russ Brown, motorcycle attorneys:

From Chris Smith of Moto Photo Adventures:

From FitHippie Adventures:

We always appreciate members who create content to help share Bunk-a-Biker with other riders but we do not appreciate any publication that doesn't contact us to get accurate information or that uses BaB as a way to promote themselves. This is a community and it's purpose isn't to be a stepping stone for fame. So please be respectful with what you make and reach out if you have any questions!

  1. The article on RideApart by Janaki Jitchotvisut. If you come across that article, do not believe anything about Bunk-a-Biker in it.

If you're a reader, check out these articles about BaB!

Poor Representations of Bunk-a-Biker

+Bunk A Biker by CubbySue - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU-A2cT3OAs
+ HOMEBOUND EP.19 - BACK IN THE USA, BUNK-A-BIKER AND BDR - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phqrll7Iuo4

YouTube videos by channels without logos:

Member Created Content

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